Which streets in York have had the most ‘Let’ properties?

Some time ago I wrote a few articles surrounding property sale transactions on a hyper-local street level as well as turnover of properties exchanging hands per number of properties on street.  From a rental’s perspective, I was intrigued to find out which streets have had the highest number of properties rented in a given timeframe.

Having reviewed Zoopla data, over the last two years, I wanted to look at the top 30 streets in York which have had the highest number of lets in York.  We have to bear in mind that there will be certain factors which will impact on this number, number of actual rental properties on the street being one of the main ones as well as density of properties on a street.  For instance, if a street had a development situated on it, this may skew the numbers somewhat.

Small cobbled alleyway in York at night with the famous Minster in the back

With that in mind, let’s get underway.  Interestingly, the top draw went to Skeldergate where 88 properties were rented over the last two years, effectively 3.67 lets per month.  Skeldergate is a very city-centric location with some fabulous developments (Centurion Square, Lady Anne Court, Woodsmill Quay to name a few).  With 316 properties on this street, it may come as no surprise that there will be such a high turnover of properties being let.

The street to have the number two slot is in fact Olympian Court which over the last two years has provided 56 tenancies in the development.  With 219 homes, it is in a fantastic location, within close enough walk of York city centre as well as easy commuter access to A64 and University of York, properties tend to get snapped up for rent very quickly.  Just as a side note, I was always fascinated in school by mythology, specifically Roman/Greek so to see the names of each building being named after a Roman God or mythological figure, it’s by far one of my favourite developments in the greater York area.

No of lets per street over last two years

What interested me from the data set below is that there isn’t one postcode district in particular that has a higher volume of rental properties. The York private rental sector is seemingly widespread across York with some honourable mentions having let properties on many of the below streets including Brunswick Street, Queen Victoria Street and Melrosegate.


So, what conclusion can we draw from the above?  Well if you own a property on one of the above streets, this is good and bad news.  Good news, it’s a highly popular location, bad news as you have more competition from other landlords when marketing your property.  In any event, York has so many fundamentals, it makes for a fantastic place to live hence contributing to the York private rental sector.

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