Which streets in York have the highest turnover of property sales?

The nature of what I do has me driving around the beautiful city of York every now and again and on my travels there are some streets that I’ve noticed that consistently have ‘For Sale’ boards plastered up and down them and then there are others where this is not the case.  In light of this, I wanted to do some research about which streets in York have the highest turnover of property sales which may be interesting for you dear reader especially if you own a property on one of these streets.

For the record, the turnover is calculated by dividing the number of times a property has changed hands over a certain period (in this case the last 5 years) by the number of homes on the street in question expressed as a percentage.

Picturesque neighbourhhood in London with similar houses

I’ve tried to keep this as hyper-local as possible focusing on the YO1, YO10, YO23, YO24, YO30, YO31 & YO32 postcodes.  Without further ado, I looked at my top 30 streets in York from the above postcodes.  Given that there are over 5,200 streets in York, you can imagine this is quite the shortlist!

From the table below, Kyme Street, YO1 has the lowest percentage of property sales to properties on the street and properties on Foss Court, Huntington Road, YO31 are, on the face of it, selling like hotcakes!

Street Postcode District Percentage % Average Price on that street over last 12 months
Kyme Street YO1 35.40%  £248,500.00
Smales Street YO1 38.90%  £260,400.00
Hazelwood Avenue YO10 41.20%  £200,000.00
Fulford Chase YO10 42.90%  £262,000.00
Shallowdale Grove YO10 42.90%  £204,500.00
Barbara Grove YO24 42.90%  £259,600.00
Monument Close YO24 43.30%  £160,600.00
Leetham Lane YO1 43.80%  £267,500.00
Heworth Croft YO31 46.20%  £202,500.00
Middlethorpe YO23 46.70%  £525,000.00
Netherwoods YO32 46.70%  £227,500.00
Shipton Street YO30 46.90%  £195,900.00
Pincent Court YO31 47.60%  £145,000.00
Elwick Grove YO10 50.00%  £215,000.00
Kerrside YO30 50.00%  £215,000.00
Hilbeck Grove YO31 50.00%  £262,800.00
Windsor Court YO31 50.00%  £189,900.00
Langton Court YO32 50.00%  £308,500.00
Coulson Close YO32 50.00%  £275,500.00
Lower Darnborough Street YO23 51.70%  £261,000.00
Greenshaw Drive YO32 52.50%  £160,000.00
Alma Terrace YO10 52.60%  £190,000.00
Carrick Gardens YO24 52.90%  £157,000.00
Aldersyde Court YO24 54.20%  £148,500.00
St. Josephs Court YO30 54.50%  £176,500.00
Langsett Grove YO30 57.10%  £162,500.00
Osbourne Drive YO30 60.00%  £230,000.00
Station Square YO32 60.00%  £197,500.00
Chancery Court YO24 61.50%  £168,750.00
Foss Court, Huntington Road YO31 65.20%  £199,000.00

However, bear in mind that Kyme Street has 48 properties and over the last five years, there have been 17 sales representing a turnover of 35.40%, Foss Court, Huntington Road, on the other hand has had 15 sales over the last five years with 23 properties situated within, this may not tell the whole story.

pig block percentage

From the above table, we can see that there is no direct correlation between property price and the level of turnover but the obvious interpretation of the above is that streets with a high sales turnover could be indicative of that street simply having less properties.  It could be as a result of those streets having a larger proportion of buy ot let properties rather than owner/occupiers and with the impact of government intervention on the buy to let sector, landlords could be selling off their properties distorting the above.

Whatever the circumstances, selling a property/moving home is a massively emotional decision.  My last point, the market is harder than ever to be an Agent what with Brexit and Tenant Fee Ban which looms over our heads like the sword of Damocles.  To a certain extent, we’ve become quite complacent as an industry but as the market toughens, I’m personally quite excited by what’s to come as with all problems come solutions.

At the end of the day, the data tells us that properties in York are still selling and renting and with such strong fundamentals, I feel confident that York property will continue to weather the storm.

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