Gas safety week and October 2015

I recently spoke with a landlord who had two properties I previously managed but who wanted to, in an effort to save money convert to a let only basis. Upon organising the handover of tenancy agreements, deposits and prescribed information, inventory etc, I highlighted to him new legislation coming into effect 1st October 2015 which he was unaware of. What this entails is that all tenanted properties must have a smoke alarms fitted on every floor in a property and carbon monoxide detectors fitted in high risk areas into their property mainly where there is a solid fuel burning source. Failure to adhere to this may result in criminal prosecution and a substantial fine.

There are no specific rules as to whether the smoke alarm needs to be hard-wired or whether it can be battery-powered. All that is mentioned is that due care should be used to ensure that smoke alarms are working and tested prior to the commencement of the tenancy and checked regularly.

However it is worth checking with one’s local authority as some councils are introducing licences making hard-wired smoke alarms compulsory.
The above is more appropriate than ever given gas safety week (14th Sept – 20th Sept) which seeks to raise awareness of the needs to keep gas appliances safe and the needs of annual gas safety inspections (CP12’s).


Please see below the link for more information:

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